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Is escorting legal?

There is a clear difference between prostitution and escorting. Prostitution refers to individuals selling sex in the street. This is certainly not legal.
However, escorting is a legitimate and legal business. As long as you pay the taxes you will have nothing to worry about. This means declaring all your income to HMRC and running your business as a limited or a sole trading company.

Can I make quick money as an Escort?

Like any small business owner. Starting a business can be daunting. However, there are plenty of resources out there that can help you on your way.
One of the most important things when it comes to beginning an escorting business is an advertisement.

In the United Kingdom, the Best way to advertise your escorting services is by joining an online agency or if you wish to work as an independent escort. You can post your services which will include a biography about yourself, the services you offer, and images on escort directories, or submit your details to escort agencies to potentially work with them.

It may be slow at the beginning to earn money however once you have your images on the Internet you will surely be contacted by potential clients or a representative from your escort agency who would like to book your services.

An Escort can earn as little as £60 an hour for certain services and up to £1000 an hour depending on your celebrity status.
On average London escorts and about £200 an hour.
You do have an added advantage of being a new escort as you are a new face on the London escorting scene and this will attract many potential new customers to check out your profiles.

Are you cut out to be an Escort and sell sex?

It should go without saying. You have to have a high sexual appetite and be able to deal will all different types and caliber of clients who may want to purchase your escorting services.

English doesn’t have to be your first language. however, you will have to be able to communicate clearly with your potential client to find out what they want.

You need to know exactly which service you do you are willing to offer. More importantly, what do you feel comfortable with? Whilst escorting seems to have a clear correlation with having sex for money. An escort, Is fundamentally an individual who sells their time to accompany clients on dates. Whatever happens between the escort and the client within the date is down to that consenting couple. Well, this is the way the escort agencies must see it. The services which you offered for legal reasons as they cannot sell sex.

Escort agencies are there to promote your profile and get bookings for you. Directories are a little bit different. They will only promote you on their specific platform and the services you offer are promoted by you as you create your own profile. This gives you a little bit more flexibility when describing the sexual services you offer.

A long-term commitment.

To really see your business as a sex worker flourish and create a substantial income for you. It may take longer than a year. However many ladies who are willing to commit to the work can earn up to £20,000 a month.

Dealing with punters.

Every individual client has their own special sexual desires and needs. You must be able to clearly speak with your clients and find out exactly what they want. This is the best way to create regulars. Regulars are clients who want to visit you on a regular basis. You will find this will be the bread and butter of your income.
Can you make your client feel at ease? Can you provide the sexual experience which your client is looking for? These are questions that you really have to ask yourself.

Looks over personality.

It certainly does matter that you are attractive. Your whole body needs to be in shape or has the shape which your clients desire. Your personality must shine above anything else. You may be asked to accompany your client to a special event. Are you able to converse with other people on an intellectual level? Do you have a wardrobe that reflects the event which you are about to attend?

Looking at the part and dressing the part is certainly one requirement of being an escort to accompany clients on excursions and outside dates.

Where to advertise? escort agencies, Escort directories, or independent services?

The quickest way to begin your escorting journey within the United Kingdom is through escort agencies. There is a multitude of agencies supplying escorts to clients in the big cities including London. You will need to put the time into your research to work out which agencies are best for you.

The first thing which you will have to find out about the escort agency is The amount of commission they want to take for every job you take. The average commission is 30%. However, you can find some agencies who take slightly less.

Every week you will have to meet up with the member of staff from that particular agency who will collect their cut of the money which you have earned in cash form. You may find an agency where you can deposit the funds via PayPal or directly into their bank account.

An agency will protect you to their best ability from any Dangerous clients and they will also weed out the time-wasters.

Escort agencies will work very hard to advertise you on other platforms as well as push clients to choose you as the date. It is very important to keep good communication with the escort agencies with which you work. The relationship works both ways. Let your escort agency know your availability on a day-to-day basis so that they know that you are available for work and then they can recommend you.

Escort directories

Escort directories are all over the UK and Europe. This is a great resource for punters to look through the images of all the beautiful Escorts and choose the girl who will be right for them. Escort directories are populated with independent escorts as well as agency Escorts. Sometimes it is better to use an Escort agency as they do this work for you. However, you can always begin as an independent escort and create profiles on the escort direct with yourself.

Independent escort‘s

If you decide that you do not want to give an agency a share of your fees. Then go independent. This will certainly give you a lot more money. However, there are many challenges when going independent. You will have to consider the time and money for marketing, a website, screening of clients et cetera.

Many independent escorts are well established within the escorting scene and already have their clients.

To visit profiles of beautiful London escorts we have two websites for you to Check. Our London agency and London Directory you might be interested in something a little more kinky. If you are in the UK why not have a look at our Mistress Directory and if you are reading from overseas and are in the United States of America. Why not check out our Mistress Directory USA.

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