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It’s a Scary Beginning.

in the first place i need to emfasize it, out there it’s chaos. It is difficult for an experienced punter to navigate. Think about if you are a novice. And of course possibility of getting scammed is ridiculously great. The escorting world is portrayed by the media in the movies of beautiful London Escorts, model lookalike, being one ring away from your hotel room it will be quickly crushed very hard. So, before you embark on this unknown journey, you must at least do some homework. Learn from the ones that had to learn the hard way.

Be clever and plan.

Keep communication separate from your normal life. What does this mean? A separate phone with a sim card. This can save you a lot of squabbles. The market is very unregulated. As I said it’s chaos. There are so many websites out there.
Who can you trust, and why? As a completely unregulated market in the UK, it might be expected to attract dishonest characters. From Rip-off to extreme airbrushing, scaring its widespread and very likely to happen. The situation needs a thorough examination. Do not fall pray. Try to use reliable websites and directories who host London Escort.

Research….research, research, and more research.

London Escort reviews?
Like with any other product and service, reviews are the most reliable method, nevertheless, there is plenty of factors that you should be aware of. Sometimes punters might  feel obliged to leave a reviews on different escort sites.
You need to look for a punter community, which is very solid and ongoing. Try to find one with reliable resources. Make sure that you read the review properly as they can be fake, they are plenty of escort champions out there.

Mobile number search
Cope and paste the number on a search bar to see if any results come up associated with a particular number.
Reverse image
Another tool to be used. It doesn’t work 100% accurately but it might do the job. This is to show if the image is actually associated with another girl, or just stollen and doesn’t belong to the girl that you are chatting with.
Punter chat websites
Same as the review websites, join a punter chat group. Keep always in touch and informed.


We are getting there. Slowly but surely.
Once you have decided on the escort that you like, you need to book. I don’t recommend using big websites that are not personable. My preference is to use small amiable websites that have a personal relationship with the girls. When you use adult work your booking might not be arranged for days, and you never get a personal phone call from them.

To visit profiles of beautiful London escorts we have two websites for you to Check. Our London agency and London Directory you might be interested in something a little more kinky. If you are in the UK why not have a look at our Mistress Directory and if you are reading from overseas and are in the United States of America. Why not check out our Mistress Directory USA.

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