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Would you like us to manage your bookings?

If you would like Escort Elite London to manage your advertisement, marketing and provide a booking agency service then please make sure you read carefully the infomation below before completing the form at the bottom of this page.

What you must understand before contacting us.
♥ You must be over 18 and allowed to work in the United Kingdom.

♥ Escort Elite London sells services in the form of companionships for a given period of time. Any other activity which takes place in that period is solely a result of an agreement between two consenting adults, the client and the escort.

♥ All escort’s listed with Elite Escort London are independent and choose their own working hours. You have the right to decline bookings.

♥ All escort’s are self-employed and manage their own taxes. Any monies exchanged are only between the escort and the client.

♥ The escort agrees to pay Escort Elite London a nominal commission for advertising, marketing and booking services.

Independent Escort’s
If you are an independent escort and would like to pay for a listing WITHOUT any kind of booking service. Please click here

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  • Please remember, you MUST LOOK the part to rise on the pay scale and the area must support it!

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  • We are NOT a cell phone pic/fly by night Service. We gladly doctor/blur your photos (facial and tattoos) to keep your privacy all your own. These are for evaluation only and will NOT be published anywhere unless you enter into an agreement to work with us. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS ARE A REQUIREMENT. YOU WILL NOT COMMAND HIGH RATES FOR YOUR TIME WITH 'SELFIES.' We command a higher quality working woman.

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  • The evaluation photo's you submit may not be published. They are for our evaluation process. However, these photos could also be used to represent you on your profile.